Mariah Carey's pee-formance

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  • 11 September 2009
Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's pee-formance

Mariah Carey was left drenched in urine after her beloved dog Cha Cha relieved himself on her just before she was due to perform live

Mariah Carey had to take to the stage soaked in wee after her dog urinated on her.

The 40-year-old singer was devastated when Jack Russell terrier Cha Cha had an accident as she was getting ready to perform.

Mariah - who is due to perform in Las Vegas on Friday (11.09.09) and Saturday (12.09.09) - wrote on her Twitter page: "OK so Cha Cha just peed on the floor in my dressing room and then decided to jump on top of me as I am doing my make-up. 'Real classy' here."

It is believed Mariah was practicing for her upcoming shows when the toilet trouble occurred.

The 'Obsessed' singer's husband Nick Cannon gave her the mutt to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary in May.

Mariah is not the first celebrity to suffer the embarrassment of an animal urinating on her.

Katy Perry was mortified when a monkey relieved itself on her during a magazine shoot.

She said: "Jeremy Scott is one of my all time favourites and he shot the pictures while I got to prance around in his creations. I had a chimp on set with me that day. Fun fact, she peed all over me, I had to take a shower in the middle of shooting."

Mariah Carey

Chart topping multi million unit shifting, five-octave hits machine, R&B diva and pop sensation Mariah Carey.

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