Auntie Midgie's Guide To: Scottish Cuisine

  • The Midgie
  • 10 September 2009
Auntie Midgie's Guide To: Scottish Cuisine

What’s best?
Things like Scotch beef, Scotch lamb and Scottish salmon are real local delicacies and guaranteed to be of superior taste, protected as they are by strict quality guidelines. And many seaside towns offer locally caught fish that is second to none.

What about fish ‘n’ chips?
As a special treat, there is nothing wrong with indulging in a good old Scottish ‘chippy’. Fish and chips or a haggis supper are stodgy comfort food and that’s alright with us. Visit the famous Anstruther Fish Bar for a taste of the finest fish and chips.

Top tip
Wherever you go, there is likely to be a Farmer’s Market nearby. Stock up on local handmade treats – like bread, meats, cheeses and preserves. Perfect for your very own teddy bear’s picnic.

For the sinners
If you gravitate towards the dark side, then these are the ‘try before you die’ foodstuffs of choice: Irn-Bru (ice-cold and in a can), battered Mars bar, chips with brown sauce (Edinburgh style) and chips with vinegar (Glasgow style).

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