My Top 5 Travelling Tunes: David Gow

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  • 10 September 2009
My Top 5 Travelling Tunes: David Gow

David Gow, drummer in Scottish band Sons and Daughters, is constantly on the road touring. He tells Anna Docherty what keeps him bopping when he’s travel hopping 

Wyclef Jean - Gone till November
This is a great wee tune about how it feels to leave loved ones at home when you go off on tour for ages. It's melancholic, but Wyclef explains that ‘I can't work a nine to five’, and that's exactly what we're like – too damn lazy to get a real job! I think it’s a really sweet song. He's weighing up the pros and cons of touring: you love what you do, but you love being at home too. And it's sometimes hard for loved ones to understand the need to do it.  

The Motors - Airport
Last year we did a tour of America, which always either involves loads of driving or loads of flying. Last time we were there we flew everywhere, including to Mexico City, and I became obsessed with this tune. I probably drove my band mates half mental, playing it to them all the time, or singing it over and over while waiting in endless queues at the airport. It ended up everyone was singing the chorus ‘Doo doo doo doo doo doo’ to each other instead of using the English language. 

Gruff Rhys - Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru
As far as my ignorant mind knows, this translates from Welsh as ‘Drive Drive Drive’. The music and mood is exactly that of criss-crossing the country in a van; endlessly repetitive, but compulsive all the same. Gruff's video for this is great too – he's driving across America on tour, then the melodic breakdown shows him playing a gig, then he's back in the car and driving again. The album this is from is called Candylion and it’s constantly playing when we're on the road.

The Specials
- International Jet Set
When my sister and I used to go on holiday as children, we'd always play this to my dad in the car on the way to the airport. It’s about a plane crashing and it really used to freak him out. It's not that he was that scared of flying, I think he was more scared of our sick sense of humour – especially when we'd laugh and scream when the plane goes down in the song. Still, I studiously avoid it on my iPod whilst actually flying.  

Witch - Seer
If Sons and Daughters had a Bentley, I dare say you'd catch us tooling round Glasgow with this song at top volume and the windows wound right down. It's the best driving tune ever. Damn, it's just the best tune ever. There's a bit after the first breakdown where they all come back in with the riff at double the speed it seems, and it makes you want to put your gas pedal through the floor. Ooh, that riff – you could hang a wet duffel coat on it. 

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