Gizmos: Green Special

  • The Midgie
  • 10 September 2009
Gizmos: Green Special

(clockwise l-r) Wind-Up Radio, Recycled Bottle Opener, Ploo Box, Carve Your Own Postcard

The key to this whole backpacking lark is to leave behind nothing but your footprints. Here’s our guide to the best environmentally friendly gadgets – all under £20! 

Wind Up Radio
This little green radio is the perfect travelling companion, because you can either solar power it or wind it up manually – batteries are so last year. And if you’re camping, remember to keep the volume down and respect your surroundings, there might be a mischievous squirrel trying to sleep nearby.
Gelert radio, £18.99,  

Carve Your Own Postcard
We live in a modern world, where we’re more used to sending an email than good, old-fashioned postal mail. Well, we suggest going old-school and sending something that will be cherished by its receiver – a hand engraved eco wooden postcard. Carve your message into the wood and seal it with a kiss.
Wooden postcard, £5, 

Ploo Box
Does exactly what it says on the tin, really. It’s a recycled cardboard portable toilet for ‘number twos’, which comes with ten biodegradable ‘poo bags’. So when you’re enjoying the great outdoors, you don’t need to worry about being embarrassingly caught short. Go forth and poo with confidence.
Ploo Box, £15.99, 

Recycled Bottle Opener
There’s no denying that beer is probably as much a part of your travelling experience as the backpack on your shoulders. But you can feel good about you beer guzzling tendencies by opening your bottles with this 100% recycled bike chain opener. Drinking never felt so saintly.
Bottle opener, £7.99,  

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