Records - Thomas Truax (4 stars)

Thomas Truax

Why Dogs Howl At The Moon (SL Records)


If you had to sum this record up in two words, you’d nick them from the press release: ‘Tim Burton’. Like the maverick filmmaker, New York-raised, London-based one-man band Thomas Truax is a man of similarly unique vision, his penchant for home-made instruments (including the Hornicator, a tuba he sings into while tapping out a rhythm on its side) and near-autistic lyrical concerns digging up a similar sense of the childlike.

It’s not always successful. ‘You Whistle While You Sleep’ and ‘The Basset Hound’s Lament’ are somewhat rambling and awkward to listen to, but the tender ‘The Raindrop Says Goodbye to the Cloud’ and the public transport eulogizing ‘Stranger On a Train’ confirm a real and singular talent.

(David Pollock)

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