Edinburgh: The Illuminated Car Parade

Edinburgh: The Illuminated Car Parade

Here at The Midgie we don’t do flashy cars, we prefer down to earth things like hiking boots and tents. But even we are excited about the Art Car Parade. Anna Docherty investigates

We all get car envy every now and again: cars that are extra shiny, ones with futuristic looking lights or those extra special ones that are two-tone and seem to shimmer like diamonds. But the ones on show at Edinburgh’s first Illuminated Art Car Parade bring car envy into a whole new dimension. There’s one covered completely in fake grass and a black cab made entirely of red corrugated rubber: way cooler than your average soft-top, I think you’ll agree.

But the parade isn’t meant to incite jealousy; it’s an opportunity for the owners of these art cars to share their designs with the public, rather than keeping them locked away in their garages gathering dust.
It’s a phenomenon that has already taken off in the US and the idea to bring an Art Car Parade to the UK was conceived by Liz Pugh and John Wassell of London-based art organisation, Walk the Plank. Wassell had seen a parade whilst working in Texas and Pugh saw some of the art cars at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. Both thought the idea was fantastic and decided to stage an event on UK soil.

It’s hoped it will inspire a little creativity in others too – and if the event becomes annual, then there will be a chance for new artists to design and create an art car to contribute to the following year’s event.
And voila! Parading through the city streets this September will be the craziest pimped rides you’ve ever seen. Honk honk.

The Illuminated Car Parade, Sat 28 Nov, visit www.homecomingscotland.com for more information.

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