Edinburgh: Food From Home

Edinburgh: Food From Home

If you’re feeling homesick, there’s nothing like one of your favourite foods from home to perk you up. Anna Docherty tells you where to find them in Edinburgh

A&W Root Beer
First invented in 1919, when two friends set up a roadside stand in California selling a new smooth drink to returning soldiers. Since then, inevitably, a diet version has appeared – but other than that the recipe has barely been tinkered with. It’s a proper old-school root beer, with plenty of zing.
Lupe Pintos, 24 Leven Street, Edinburgh, www.lupepintos.com

Mike and Ike
These dinky pieces of candy heaven were established in America in 1940 and have since made it across the water. They were introduced to the UK in 2006, but are still quite hard to seek out – global delicatessens are your best bet of finding this fruity treasure.
Lupe Pintos, 24 Leven Street, Edinburgh, www.lupepintos.com

Cola Cao
A high energy chocolate drink made with vitamins and produced in Barcelona. It makes a thick gloopy liquid and you often have to resolve to a spoon to get it down you. Or you can scoop it into your mouth using biscuits. That’s a healthy breakfast, right?
Sit down and treat yourself to a mug at Cafe Andaluz, 77b George Street, Edinburgh, www.cafeandaluz.com

This dry cured meat originated in South Africa, where, prior to refrigeration, the curing process was used to preserve meats. It may not be much to look at, but the right mix of vinegars, herbs, sugar and seasoning are what makes good biltong.
John Brash Butcher, 113 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh, www.johnbrashbutcher.co.uk 

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