Records - Megadeth (3 stars)


United Abominations (Roadrunner)


Once one of the most influential thrash titans (part of the ‘big four’ alongside Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer), Megadeth went one faster, one harder than the rest of the metal pack. However in 2002 it looked like frontman Dave Mustaine would never play guitar again due to an injured radial nerve, effectively terminating Megadeth. Now he’s back with a new line-up and his most bluntly political album to date, a signed up member of the sledgehammer school of subtlety (‘war is bad’ and ‘the UN sucks’ being the main message). However it’s impossible to fault the guitar work, and as the duelling solos spiral off into a squealing double helix of infinitely complex riffs, this album rocks and rocks hard.

(Henry Northmore)

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