It's A Weird World

  • The Midgie
  • 10 September 2009
It's A Weird World

The Cabbage Festival

Who knew there were so many vast and varied global events? From the breathtaking to the downright odd, we offer a round-up of the most interesting events around the world this autumn

Woolly Worm Festival
These things look like furry pipe-cleaners and not like any worms we’ve ever seen before. But in North Carolina there are loads of them crawling about at this time of year, as they are in fact caterpillars making their journey to their winter hiding spots. During hibernation they freeze every part of themselves, except the interior cells, so they can survive temperatures of -90F. Take that, fact fans. Definitely worth dedicating a festival to.
Sat 17 – Sun 18 Oct, North Carolina, USA.

Cabbage Festival
OK, so we understand that there are worldwide festivals celebrating all kinds of different foodstuffs. Autumn alone sees berries, garlic, pumpkins and watermelon all getting the props they’re due. But cabbage? Well, yes, apparently so. The north German region of Dithmarschen grows 80 million of the green things in preparation. Is it juvenile that we’re already thinking of the bottom wind that’s likely to generate?
Tue 15 – Sun 20 Sep, Dithmarschen, Germany.

Bald-Headed Men of America Convention
This annual convention promotes the idea that bald is beautiful, with grooming tips and awards for Sexiest Bald Head and Most Distinguished Bald Head. We’re not quite sure what officially qualifies as ‘sexiest’ or ‘most distinguished’, but maybe it’s something to do with general shininess of your bonce? Best look out the Mr Sheen.
Sat 12 Sep, Morehead City, USA.

Gorilla Run

This year will see the seventh annual Gorilla Run, where around a thousand people don their gorilla suits (come on, we know you’ve all got one at the back of your wardrobe) and run around greater London. And if there was ever a good reason to go ape for the day, then this is it – as you will be helping raise money to save the few remaining wild mountain gorillas.
Sat 26 Sep, London.

Rubber Duckie Race
This September the rubber ducks will be launched back into the water at Molesey Lock, near Hampton Court Palace, for the third Great British Duck Race and an attempt at their own World Record of 175,000 ducks. The idea is that individuals ‘adopt’ a duck (at £2 each) and cheer their little yellow fellow on in the hope of winning the grand prize of £10,000.
Sun 6 Sep, Molesey Lock, Surrey.

Santa Claus Championships
This is the championships to end all championships, because they decide who is the best Santa of them all – and that is very important if you are hoping to have anything bulging in your stocking come Christmas morning. So, we hope you’ve all been good little boys and girls this year. Did someone say Santa? Is he coming?
Fri 27 – Sat 28 Nov, Switzerland. 

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