Abram Wilson (4 stars)

Abram Wilson

Ride! (Dune Records)


The New Orleans-born, London-based trumpeter and singer has been winning a lot of admirers, both for his work with Jazz Jamaica and in his own bands. This second album for Dune, subtitled Ferris Wheel to the Modern Day Delta, follows the example of label-mate Soweto Kinch in hanging the music around a narrative framework in which a young trumpeter from Mississippi turns his back on his family’s expectations, but finds that life on the road with a hip hop band carries its own dangers.

Wilson handles all of the vocals himself, and utilises a combination of ten musicians in three different line-ups and a wide-ranging mix of musical styles - majoring on blues, jazz and hip hop - to tell his contemporary variation on a familiar story. That degree of diversity could have produced a mish-mash, but instead succeeds in setting up effectively contrasting musical strands that interweave through the unfolding story.

(Kenny Mathieson)

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