Various (Optimo) (4 stars)


Optimo: Walkabout (Mule Musiq/Kompaqt)


Technically this is a ‘various artists’ compilation, but rarely has a DJ partnership ever put their own stamp to a mix CD like the Optimo duo. Following on from their recent, well-received Kill The DJ and Psyche Out mixes, Walkabout represents yet another divergent direction - this time masterminded by JG Wilkes (the ‘techno one’ to JD Twitch’s ‘eclectic one’) and more in the mould of Optimo’s eclectic sister club Black Rabbit Whorehouse.

It’s a great mix, a somnambulant tableau of futuristic late-night glitch techno that still throws in bits of Throbbing Gristle (the title track) and Suicide (‘Radiation’). Boris ‘My Machine’ stands out (Wilkes’ old club was named My Machines), as does an oddly upbeat finale. But, as usual, Optimo are the real stars here.

(David Pollock)

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