Ocean Size - Twin Atlantic interview

Ocean Size - Twin Atlantic interview

The popular Glasgow rockers Twin Atlantic pack an onstage punch, and have more than enough ambition to follow it up, finds Camilla Pia

‘If you come to see us live,’ explains Twin Atlantic frontman Sam McTrusty, ‘I’m pretty sure we’ll be in your top five loudest bands of all time and top five most insane with our instruments, because we beat the shit out of them. I’ve seen everything from lighters in the air to breaking bones,’ he laughs. Well The List is pretty much sold; we love our rock stars wild and emotional. And while this Glasgow foursome are all that and more, there’s an intelligence to their lyrics, and an intensity which has inspired hundreds of fans to follow them from show to show since they formed just over two years ago. Some of them have even turned up to gigs proudly donning tattoos of the band’s logo and lyrics. Now that is devotion. ‘It is amazing, and it catches us off guard every time,’ says McTrusty. ‘The idea that people believe in us that much gives us real self belief and drive.’

And certainly you won’t find a more determined young bunch. Bassist Ross McNae and McTrusty are old school chums who decided to put their plans in painting and photography to one side to form Twin Atlantic with guitarist/cellist Barry McKenna and drummer Craig Kneale. After a series of breaks on the back of self-released EP A Guidance From Colour and inspired by acts like Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Biffy Clyro, Idlewild and Jimmy Eat World, they set to work on their forthcoming and rather spectacular debut mini-album Vivarium in LA with producer John Travis (Kid Rock, Sugar Ray, Static X). ‘It was momentous,’ McTrusty says of the experience. ‘He really pushed us songwriting-wise. We wanted the record to sound like we do live – organic and raw – and I feel like we have really captured that’.

Booked solidly gig-wise for the rest of the year, Twin Atlantic have a frantic few months ahead. But it’s all part of their masterplan.

‘Our dream is to play the Barrowland,’ McTrusty says. ‘That is the place I used to queue from 11am to see my favourite bands, and it would be amazing to get on that legendary stage in our hometown. We’ve got high expectations for this band,’ he adds with a smile, ‘we always have, and that is why we keep pushing forwards.’

Twin Atlantic play The Ironworks, Inverness, Fri 11 Sep; Moshulu, Aberdeen, Sat 12 Sep; Fat Sam’s, Dundee, Sun 13 Sep; Studio 24, Edinburgh, Friday 2 Oct.

Twin Atlantic

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Instore show from the local altrockers, playing tracks from their new album Free.

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