Exposure: Lovvers

Exposure: Lovvers


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Lovvers sound like they've set up in your bedroom, cranked up the amps eardrum-bursting levels and proceeded to not give one solitary shit if they piss you off, earning a night in the cells in the process.

The UK punks' debut album OCD Go Go Girls is a mix of the fuzz-drenched sounds of 70's garage and crunching energy of DIY punk, slapped together with a vague pop sensibility that manages to cram itself into your ears and stay lodged firmly in your brain.

The band are currently preparing for a gut-wrenching trek across the globe, starting with our fair isle(s). But as a recent letter of complaint from a Kerrang! reader wishing to have the band's incomprehensible and 'offensive' mess of a live show 'wiped from her mind' will tell you, this is a band of inescapable presence and a 'must see' for anyone who can take their noise in lethal doses.

In the meantime though, here's a few words from the chaps themselves to whet your appetitive.

How did you first start writing and performing?

We got together at the end of May in 2006. Shaun (vocals) had a bunch of songs he'd written some bass for and Henry came up with some guitar parts. We didn't really know Steve (drums) but knew he'd just started playing the drums, so we asked him to come to a practice. I think we had about five practices and played a gig two weeks later. It was a very quick process and we just carried on playing from then.

Had you been in bands before?

We had all been in bands before. Some just playing locally and others touring Europe and putting out records. Only Michael (bass) and Shaun had played together in a band before though. Henry played in some quieter indie/folk type bands and Steve played in a pop punk band.

What do you look for in a record or a performance?

A good circle pit.

Has there been any records or shows that have made a particularly big impact on the band?

Some bands, old and new have had an impact on us as a band. I'd say The Replacements, Buzzcocks, Clorox Girls, Mark Sultan and Exploding Hearts to name a few.

What do you try to achieve in writing your music and playing shows?

With writing music just something we are all proud of. Song wise and sound wise. I think we have achieved that with our new record. When playing shows we try to always play good venues and spaces and with bands we and the people who would come to see us would like.

What do you hope people with take from the live experience?

Hopefully a fun time and one of Henry's guitar lines stuck in their head.

As a musician, how would you rate the current state of music in the UK?

If you're talking about the music you read about in magazines and have forced down your throat, then lower than I could possibly go. But if you look deeper there are some great bands around at the moment.

Is there anyone you'd love to work with or share a stage with?

Well we are playing with The Urinals in LA in November. I think that's pretty cool!

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We go on tour from September 18th until late November. This will cover the UK, Europe, USA, Canada. We will be playing Mexico for the first time which is quite exciting! We will also be putting out a new 7", hopefully in October and have another 7" which will probably just come out in America around that time too.

Name one track of yours that you feel sums you up?

I'd say the track 100 Flowers from our LP.

OCD Go Go Girls is out now on Wichita Records


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