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(Picture: Caz Mechanic)

It can be with some trepidation that one delves into the fortnightly sack of singles and when the first out proves to be the charming ‘Cupid’s Revolution’ (Big Toe’s Hi-fi, 3 Stars), Barba Poppa Choppa’s super-cheeky re-rub of Johnny Nash’s Sam Cooke cover, my thoughts are with the poor fellows to follow. Encouragingly, however, next up are folky favourites Fence launching their new electronica-leaning label with a few limited 10s. ‘10x10:03’ (De-Fence, 5 Stars) airs the wares of Con Brio and Viva Stereo and predictably pulls off invitingly atmospheric, defiantly quirky and recognisably Scottish fare while staying the right side of dead cool. Perhaps unfortunate to trail these offerings, Wake The President’s ‘Sorrows For Clothes’ (Electric Honey, 3 Stars) is still really very good with its loose, sunny-melancholic jangle. The Be Be See look to be settling somewhere in the guiltless pop camp with ‘Disney Eyes’ (EMI/At Large, 2 Stars) but it’s all a tad sickly, like eating rather too many Haribos, where Polytechnic are more your moderate intake of York Fruits on ‘Won’t You Come Around’ (Shatterproof, 3 Stars). Then you’ve got Soom-T vs King Creosote’s ‘What Is Life?’ (Root8, 3 Stars) which apes Shakira rattling those hips to a barmy dancehall shanty. Full credit.

The wonky pop-grime of Man Like Me’s ‘Oh My Gosh’ (StopStart, 3 Stars) is rude and childish, and again strangely forgivable. It’s similarly hard not to like Black Lips’ devil-may-care Americana-Garage style on ‘Cold Hands’ (Vice, 4 Stars). Stateside ‘A Pillar of Salt’ (Sub Pop, 3 Stars) by The Thermals is fairly full on and pretty intriguing, certainly next to Marilyn Manson’s ungainly and quite dreadful ‘Heart-Shaped Glasses’ (BMI, 1 Star). There is an awfy bleak 80s revivalism to ‘Demonstration’ (Demo, 2 Stars) and the Glasgow-based Aberdonians Stroszek sure like their military references/fashion, even getting away with such soapbox antics on occasion. Darkwater caught me on a good day too, ‘Easy Weakness’ (Up Next, 3 Stars) being somehow sweet and distracting enough to ease the roaring rock pill down. So all in all it’s been a refreshing and reaffirming swag this time around, but before I let you go we simply must have a listen to ‘Moveover’ (Big Potato, 5 Stars) by Caz Mechanic, an enchanting, delicate, dreamy, grandiose, freaky wee ditty. I’m utterly smitten so it can only be Single of the Fortnight.

(Mark Edmundson)

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