Katie Price involved in brawl

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  • 7 September 2009
Katie Price and Alex Reid

Katie Price and Alex Reid

Glamour model Katie Price was knocked to the ground when a gang of gypsies challenged her boyfriend Alex Reid to a fight that quickly escalated into a ''terrifying'' riot on Saturday night (05.09.09)

Katie Price was knocked to the ground by a gang of gipsy bare-knuckle boxers on Saturday night (05.09.09).

The glamour model and her cage fighter boyfriend Alex Reid were enjoying a night out at an Extreme Brawl mixed martial arts event at the Radisson Edwardian Heathrow Hotel, in London, when the drunken group approached them.

One man challenged Alex to a fight before punching him in the face, knocking Katie over at the same time, which then sparked a "terrifying brawl".

An onlooker said: "The fight broke out because some gypsies were winding up Alex. He didn't retaliate but people he was with got involved. It turned into a riot.

"Organisers were trying to get Katie and Alex out of the venue but the guys who were fighting were just making it impossible. They were lucky not to get hurt."

But the gypsy group - which reportedly included travelling fighter Tony Giles - claim Alex had "asked for it", by strutting around like he was a superstar.

A gang member is quoted by Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "He wound me up. He's an arrogant w****r who was walking around like he owned the place.

"We had a problem with him and were going to sort it out but he chickened out."

Over 10 police cars and a riot squad responded to the fight but no arrests were made.

Neither Katie nor Alex were injured in the incident.

Meanwhile, gangster film 'Killer B***h' - in which Alex's character rapes and strangles a young woman - has sparked fresh controversy over its violent content.

This week, the actors will shoot scenes featuring the rape and murder of a disabled woman, played by 'The Office' star Julie Fernandez.

Katie was reportedly furious with the scenes, forcing Alex to quit the film.

An insider said: "He made a mistake and it nearly cost him his relationship with Katie. He's pulled out of the film and is looking to sue the makers because there has obviously been a very big leak.

"Alex has been paid for the days he's done, but by walking off he's forced a major rewrite of the film, wasting a lot of time and money."

The film's director is now considering reshooting the film with a different male lead.

Katie Price

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