John Lennon 'divorced' McCartney

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  • 7 September 2009
Sir Paul McCartney

John Lennon 'divorced' McCartney

John Lennon was the one who split up The Beatles, when he told Paul McCartney he wanted 'a divorce' months before they eventually split

John Lennon told Paul McCartney he wanted "a divorce" months before The Beatles split.

A lost interview with the guitarist and singer – who was assassinated in 1980 – reveals he told his co-songwriter of his intentions to split the band in September 1969, before the release of their last album 'Let It Be'.

Until now, it has widely been thought Paul was responsible for the group – which also featured Ringo Starr and George Harrison - splitting, when he quit the band in April 1970.

In the taped interview, John said he told Paul when they fell out at a record company meeting.

He said: "At the meeting Paul just kept mithering on about what we were going to do, so in the end I just said, 'I think you're daft. I want a divorce.'"

Following the legendary group's split, John was critical of Paul's work, even writing the song 'How Do You Sleep' which features lyrics attacking his former partner.

In the tapes of previously lost interview however, John's praise for Paul is more apparent, with him saying the only other person he worked closely with was his wife.

He said: "I suppose it was a bit hard on him. I only ever asked two people to work with me as a partner. One was Paul McCartney and the other Yoko Ono."

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