Jake Gyllenhaal's sorry sister

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  • 7 September 2009
Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal's sorry sister

Maggie Gyllenhaal is ''upset'' and ''angry'' that her brother, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, is constantly followed by paparazzi

Maggie Gyllenhaal "feels sorry" for her brother.

The 'Dark Knight' actress is saddened her younger sibling Jake Gyllenhaal is constantly followed by paparazzi and admits his celebrity lifestyle has changed him as a person.

She said: "Of course, everybody does change as they grow up, but I think it's really hard for anybody who has to figure out a way to manage it. Like in Los Angeles, I don't always know where to avoid going - sometimes you just walk right into a paparazzi nest.

"I get so angry, really upset. They chase him in their car and it's just different for him. More than anything I feel sorry for him that he has to deal with that."

Maggie, 31, and her family - actor husband Peter Sarsgaard and their two-year-old daughter Ramona - split their time between America and Britain to avoid the intrusion into their private lives.

She explained to Britain's Marie Claire magazine: "When Ramona was born, it was bad. We were living in the West Village in New York, where all the paparazzi are, and it got frenzied.

"They never bother us in London. We were at Wimbledon, walking around with sausages and champagne, and we thought, 'We are so lucky we can do that - I don't want to give it up.' "

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