Cheesy lover Paul Bettany

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  • 7 September 2009
Paul Bettany

Cheesy lover Paul Bettany

Jennifer Connelly says her husband, actor Paul Bettany, takes cheese with him everywhere he goes

Paul Bettany is addicted to cheese.

The 'Creation' star's wife Jennifer Connelly - who he raises two children with - says that although the actor has finally given up smoking, she has failed to dissuade him from taking his favourite dairy food everywhere.

She told Britain's InStyle magazine: "When we met he smoked a lot and ate a lot of cheese.

"He still eats a lot of cheese. It's usually somewhere in his backpack. But he quit smoking. I don't think it was my influence. Kids will do that to you. You want to stick around and see what happens with them."

Although Jennifer - who has two sons, 12-year-old Kai from a previous relationship and Stellan, six, with Paul - insists she has little influence on her husband, she believes he has made her less uptight.

She explained: "I've gotten less introverted and earnest since Paul and I have been together.

"Paul tore me apart from my earnestness."

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