Au Revoir Simone (4 stars)

Au Revoir Simone (4 STARS)

The Admiral, Glasgow, Tue 15 May


(Picture: Au Revoir Simone)

There’s no denying that all-female New York trio Anna, Erika and Heather aka Au Revoir Simone have a thing or two going for them. They’re all tall, thin and exceptionally pretty for one thing. More importantly, they’re blessed with a collective ear for something achingly beautiful: shimmering, celestial electro pop, as performed on a bank of synths, percussion and drum machines, with ice-cold precision. Album The Bird of Music is rendered here beautifully, it’s like Stereolab all settled down and had little electropop kids. They’re definitely a band destined to break a few hearts - one way or the other.

What a surprise it was, though, to see them upstaged by their support: Sheffield boy/girl two-piece Slow Club. Performed solely on vocals, acoustic guitar, and a drum kit made out of wooden chairs and what looked like a saucepan, their clattering gems were an absolute joy to behold. Resembling a kind of anti-folk Leonard Cohen, they’ve a style every bit their own, and, what’s more, full of character: all lyrical quirks and winning smiles. Further proof, were it needed, that it’s personality that really counts.

(Malcolm Jack)

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