Old man Mark Ronson

Music producer Mark Ronson rented a Cadillac when he passed his driving test, because he has the ''inner driving spirit of an 80-year-old man''


This article is from 2009.

Mark Ronson

Old man Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson has the spirit of an 80-year-old man.

The 34-year-old music producer rented a Cadillac car when he first passed his driving test, but admits his choice of vehicle could have been more daring.

He said: "When I got my license I leased a Cadillac, because my inner driving spirit is that of an 80-year-old man. You always see old people in America driving them really slowly because they're so uncomfortable. It's like being in a hovercraft."

Mark also revealed he is scared of performing live because he fears people will shout expletives at him if he messes up.

He explained: "All I expect is for someone to yell out, 'You're a f***ing w****r!'

"You do have that fear, it comes from the same place that makes me shake uncontrollably before I go on stage. I think it's partly nerves, but it's partly what keeps you on your toes."

Although Mark has dated a string of beautiful women - including British model Daisy Lowe - he doubts his ability to seduce females that he finds attractive.

He told Esquire magazine: "I've never been the kind of person out on the prowl bedding different girls every night. I went through a two-week phase, but it was really awful.

"The 'man about town' thing is so cliched - I'd hate to think that I was subscribing to any idea of what someone in my position should be like.

"There's also the slight problem that the type of girl I go for would be way less likely to like me because I'm Mark Ronson. They'd much rather be talking to a Klaxon in the corner."

This article is from 2009.

Mark Ronson

DJ and producer du jour, who souped up Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, performs his own solo show, now going in a more funky electro direction on latest album Uptown Special.

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