The Draytones (3 stars)

The Draytones (3 STARS)

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Tue 8 May


(Picture: The Draytones)

For anyone craving aggression, Holy Ghost Revival in support do the job. As well as smashing his tambourine to pieces, singer Conor Kiely leads a passionate exhibition of fierce-rock bled with timely piano and charged lyrics. The headliners, an Anglo-Argentinean trio by the name of The Draytones, are, by comparison, way more genial hosts. The bass drum is decorated with a hybrid of the British and Argentinean flags while tight suits, Dick Tracy hats and jiving are de rigeur.

Since forming this past January, The Draytones have leapt up the music world ladder, having been signed to 1965 Records. The allusion to the 60s goes deeper than their label with sound and lyrics a testament to the ethos of the time.

The set drifts along like a dream, without ecstasy or nightmare, shifting from simple lyric-led rock to the soft-psychedelic and then into some blues with ‘The Cats are Coming’. They sound a band in midst of some heavy experimentation.

‘It makes me want to get my old Kinks albums out,’ says an admirer. I couldn’t agree more.

(Stuart Maxwell)

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