Robbie Williams ashamed of love nickname

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  • 5 September 2009
Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams ashamed of love nickname

Robbie Williams has revealed his girlfriend Ayda Field calls him by an embarrassing nickname when they are in public

Robbie Williams' girlfriend calls him "tickles-a-noo-noo".

The 'Bodies' singer, who has been dating actress Ayda Field for three years, loves it when she calls him by his nickname - unless they are in public.

Speaking during a British radio interview, Robbie said: "Morning boozey-woo-wooze. That's what I call my girlfriend, boozey-woozey-woo-wooze. It's how we talk to each other. Honestly, it's all that happens in the house.

"The problem is, she also tends to do it around people. So we'll be out, and I'm like, 'No, don't do it now in front of this band.' Her nickname for me is tickles-a-noo-noo. Is that bad? Is it embarrassing? I don't care. It's not private. People want to hear this."

Asked how his relationship with Ayda is going, the 35-year-old singer said he couldn't be happier.

He explained: "It's been three whole years. Williams did it!

"I don't know when her birthday is though. Well, I know the month... and it's around the 16th or the 17th. I'm just not sure exactly when. It's OK though, she knows. It's running joke."

Robbie also revealed he is happier with his appearance after overhauling his diet regime.

He said: "I've been a food ninja for the last few months. I can't stand training, I've got an album coming out which is really important and I don't want to look an idiot, so I cut out everything that I like.

"If you haven't tried that then your self-loathing can't ever have been that bad. You have to really get to a place where you're thinking, 'Oh no, this is not good.' "

Robbie Williams

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