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  • 3 September 2009
Also published: Books

The comedians turn to literature this week

Jack Dee - Thanks for Nothing
Brandishing his trademark scowl on the front cover, the star of Lead Balloon gets a few things off his frustrated chest: the way people hold their cutlery, personal trainers and the moon landings for three.

Jo Brand - Look Back in Hunger
After a few fictional affairs, Jim Davidson’s least favourite female stand-up (which must be saying quite a bit) explains what made her become a comedian after a decade as a psychiatric nurse.

Dara O’Briain - Tickling the English
This one is drolly subtitled ‘A Portrait of a People by an Irishman with Baggage’.
Michael Joseph.

Justin Lee Collins -
Good Times
The bearded Bristolian ponders ‘the unfeasibly peculiar and funny moments’ that have shaped his life. We shudder to think.

Peter Kay - Saturday Night Peter
The Sound of Language sold absolute barrowloads and there’s no reason whatsoever why this follow-up about his life on the road honing his comedic skills won’t do similarly sharp business.

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