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The NME Awards Tour might be a kingmaking spectacle, but, by being involved with the New Rave leg of it this year, fine young London electro-pop outfit New Young Pony Club may find themselves dragged down into a scene. That would be a shame, because the quintet - formed and led by singer Tahita Bulmer and guitarist Andy Spence - deserve to be judged on their own merits. The List caught up with Spence as he was about to board a plane to Hong Kong and open Stella McCartney’s new shop. As you do.

How do you feel about being ‘New Rave’?
Well it’s obviously a load of bollocks, but it’s worked out alright for us. It was just a tag to package four bands together who were a bit more interesting than your average dinosaur rockers, and the fans turned up with their glowsticks and loved it. To be fair, Klaxons did invent the term and they cover rave tunes, but to us it’s all about dance, disco and houses.

You’re on Australia’s Modular label, possibly one of the world’s most fashionable. How did that happen?
Everyone at the label claims they saw us first, but I believe it was through their band, Cut Copy, who talked us up in the NME. We’re the first British band on the label, so no pressure there, then! The album Fantastic Playroom’s done, dusted and ready to go in June, though. We’re really pleased with it, it sounds like a bunch of 15 year olds growing up in the 80s and having a party.

(David Pollock)

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Fri 2 Jun; Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Sat 3 Jun.

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