Twin Atlantic - Vivarium (4 stars)

Twin Atlantic - Vivarium

Not since the sacred Biffy Clyro has The List been this excited about a bunch of young Scottish rockers. Twin Atlantic conjure up images of early Idlewild and Foo Fighters with a post-rock twist, and one listen to mini debut offering Vivarium proves why kids (and old hacks like us) are getting all hysterical over them.

From start to finish, these eight tracks thrill and enthral with a ferocious blend of crunching riffs, pummelled basslines, pounding drums and pianos. And perhaps most impressive of all are the poetic lyrics: penned with real thought and emotion. Twin Atlantic are as epic and infectious as they are inventive. More soon please.

(Red Bull Records)

Twin Atlantic

  • 4 stars

Instore show from the local altrockers, playing tracks from their new album Free.

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