Part Chimp - Thriller (4 stars)

Part Chimp - Thriller

Imagine a supernova collapsing into a super-gravitational black hole, sucking in whole star systems, then eating pies and doughnuts for all eternity, and that still wouldn’t be as heavy as Part Chimp.

This third album from the London über-nu-pre-post-grunge behemoths is monumentally rocking, like the most fucked-up parts of Mudhoney, Fugazi, Ministry, Lard and an aeroplane crashing straight into your head, all welded together by extraordinary riffage and shriekage.

Tracks like opener ‘Trad’ and ‘Sweet T’ are so bloody-mindedly focussed on guitar carnage as to leave you slack-jawed at the band’s wilful disregard for the trappings of commercial rock’n’roll. Fucking A.

(Rock Action)

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