Amazing Baby - Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Tue 1 Sep 2009 (2 stars)

Amazing Baby - Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Tue 1 Sep 2009

Much hype has been touted about Brooklyn boys Amazing Baby being the next MGMT – they graduated from the same school, supported them on their last tour, apparently sound the same. This gig might have been the chance to see the Next Big Thing.

Arthouse and Schnapps opened, with the loudest cheers and biggest crowd being reserved for the latter. Looking part art-school, part old-school rockers, their rock-indie sound had bags of energy, which had even the most disinterested audience members nodding.

Upon watching Amazing Baby, the MGMT parallels immediately disappeared – perhaps something the band have been striving for to find their own niche. Their sound is rocky and hard – guitars, drums and head-thrashing – all of which leaves the crowd who were there for some poppish dancing looking slightly confused. For the most part, singer Will Roan’s voice just isn’t strong enough, and is drowned out by a cacophony of sound.

They did their best to inspire the crowd, but the strobe lights and smoke machine only seemed to emphasise the emptiness of the room. It seems that Amazing Baby need to work harder to put those comparisons behind them in order to find a true fanbase.

Amazing Baby, Schnapps and Arthouse

Brooklyn duo who are alumni of the same liberal arts college, Wesleyan University, as MGMT.

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