The Big Pink - A Brief History of Love (4 stars)

The Big Pink - A Brief History of Love

It’s a shame that John Hughes isn’t around to make movies anymore and that The OC is finished because The Big Pink could have hit pay dirt as the official soundtrackers to both. The London duo may have underground credentials – Sunn 0)))), Merok Records and Alec Empire all figure somewhere in their story – but this is a supremely accessible synergy of Mary Chain/My Bloody Valentine dissonance, chunky drum machine salvos and C-86s indie harmonies: sugary sweet and hugely addictive.

Aficionados might notice a striking similarity between the aesthetic at play here and that of another 4AD Records outfit, Ultra Vivid Scene. The one difference however is that – on the evidence of this album at least – The Big Pink are destined to be more than a just cult concern.


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