MacDonald Fujii Davidson Tamura Bancroft - Cities (3 stars)

MacDonald Fujii Davidson Tamura Bancroft - Cities

Almost by definition, free improvisation is very much a global music language. When players from diverse parts come together on a free agenda, cultural influences will clearly play their internal part in shaping the emerging musical conversation, but not necessarily in any obvious outward fashion, other than occasional fleeting sonoroties. So it is with this meeting of three musicians based in Scotland, and two from Japan.

Saxophonist Raymond MacDonald, guitarist Neil Davidson and drummer Tom Bancroft linked up with pianist Satoko Fujii and trumpeter Natsuki Tamura for this recording at the CCA in Glasgow back in 2005, although it is only now achieving a release. Their interaction ignores both regular jazz idioms and supposed national characteristics in favour of disciplined abstraction and wide-ranging sonic explorations.

(Nu-Jazz Europe)

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