Essex rockers show off their new album

InMe have had a bit of a rough time in recent years. The alt.rock band went from being the poster boys of a teenage generation – with tracks like the brooding ‘Firefly’ regularly on music television in the early 00s and helping to win an army of devoted fans – to becoming virtually a forgotten band.

But with the release of their fourth album Herald Moth in mid-September, the melody masters from Essex are thrusting themselves back onto the music scene. It’s something of a renaissance, and according to main-man Dave MacPherson, it’s an evolution in sound too. ‘We wanted to go a bit more progressive and heavier, and to make some sounds that pleased us as musicians and pushed our abilities. It’s important for us to never make the same album twice,’ he says, ‘and it’s interesting for us to keep it fresh and to keep creating something new.’

Herald Moth takes things in a more experimental direction – and also more metal – and MacPherson believes people who follow the band on their tour will see a different InMe. ‘To begin with we had a massive record label push and in hindsight, we weren’t ready. It was like we were 19-year-old pretty boys and we looked good on a poster. Obviously people will judge you on that, and it’s hard to get rid of that perception,’ he says. ‘This time, they’ll see four guys who live for music, love entertaining people and probably give more energy than most bands out there.’

ABC2, Glasgow, Mon 21 Sep


InMe are a muscular British rock trio.

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