Glasvegas - We Love To Boogie, Glasgow, Tue 1 Sep 2009 (4 stars)

Glasvegas - We Love To Boogie, Glasgow, Tue 1 Sep 2009

‘Fuck the neighbours!’ shouts someone within the crowd spilling out onto the street. ‘James, please – turn it up to 11!’ Maybe the quiet little acoustic gig Glasvegas’ James Allan had in mind when he arranged this Twitter-promoted secret show wasn’t so likely. With West End retro boutique We Love To Boogie, owned by Allan’s new friends Natalia Codona and Greg Milne, full, the queue snakes almost a good hundred metres round onto Woodlands Road. When Allan and his brother Rab begin their acoustic set, order is abandoned and faces are pressed up against the glass.

Despite initial annoyance from those outside at having to strain to hear the six-song set (although it’s a rare treat for those inside to hear just how raw and crystal clear Allan’s voice is when detached from squalling electric guitars) the familiarity of each track soon placates the crowd and has them singing along. ‘Geraldine’, ‘Flowers and Football Tops’ and ‘Daddy’s Gone’ were of course highlights, and a closing cover of ‘Be My Baby’ offered a final, special treat for those who had braved the pavement.

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