Michael Jackson wanted 'normal' kids

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  • 2 September 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson wanted 'normal' kids

Michael Jackson asked his friend and dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein to ensure his children had ''normal lives'' if he died and didn't want them to become famous

Michael Jackson never wanted his children to become celebrities.

The late pop icon asked his friend and dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein - who has claimed he could be the father of Michael's eldest kids Prince Michael I, 12, and 11-year-old Paris - to ensure his children had "normal" upbringings if he ever died.

Arnold's lawyer Mark Kaplan said: "Michael had asked Dr. Klein over the course of their friendship that if something were to happen to him while his children were still minors that Dr. Klein, as a friend, would do what he could do to protect the children from living the life of an entertainer. That was to have as normal a life as possible.

"My understanding is that he regretted he didn't have a chance to be just a normal child not in the spotlight... all those normal aspects of life growing up that I think Michael greatly missed and didn't have the opportunity to experience."

Michael - who also had seven-year-old son Prince Michael II, known as 'Blanket' - began performing alongside his brothers Marlon, Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine aged five.

Mark also revealed Arnold has no plans to take a DNA test to prove his paternity, although he would be willing to do so should the children ever require it.

He explained to 'E! News': "The court certainly would not order a DNA test after the death of the conclusively presumed biological parent.

"I think that if, at some point in time, the minor children reach their majority, which they will, that will be a decision I would assume they alone would make.

"Whether he is or he isn't, it's not going to make him love these children any more or less than if somebody else were the source. In the past there was a very close, loving relationship. I think they referred to him as Uncle Arnold."

It was recently claimed actor Macaulay Culkin is the biological father of 'Blanket', although his spokeswoman has called the reports "too preposterous to even acknowledge".

Meanwhile, Michael's death certificate has been altered in light of the coroner's ruling his death was homicide.

Gossip website TMZ reports: "It has been amended - now listing his fatal injury as 'intravenous injection by another'."

The coroner found Michael passed away aged 50 after suffering a cardiac arrest due to "acute Propofol intoxication".

Propofol is a powerful anaesthetic used to put surgery patients to sleep in hospital.

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