Exposure: The 10:04s

Exposure: The 10:04s

10:04s - Smoke and Mirrors

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They’ve sold out venues all over Edinburgh, and worked with Super Furry Animals’ producer. Oh, and they’re huge fans of Back to the Future. The 10:04s have a lot going for them, not to mention the kind of enthusiasm rarely seen outside a small child in front of some jelly. They’ll be taking their post Libertines punk racket down to London soon enough, but before they do, we had a chat with bassist, Johnny Tracey.

How did the band get together?
Me and Paul (Haddow, drums) have been mates since school, I met Stevie (Bolton, vocals/guitar) through Paul when they were both on the same music course at college. They started a college band which didn’t really go anywhere, so after that finished they needed a top notch bass player, enter John 'Fingers' Tracey! Paul asked if I’d join, I had never played bass but could play guitar. My first bass purchase was an under-rated Nevada from Cash Converters for £80 and The 10:04s were born. After we tried our hand as a three piece and didn’t sound how we wanted, a couple of guitarists came and went, then our mate Danny (Scrimshaw, guitars/vocals) had a go and wanted to get involved in a band. He joined in late 2008 to complete The 10:04s.

And what about the name?
Trying to choose a name for a band is a tricky business. There must be thousands of bands who have agonised for hours then decided on something random like Bertie Basset's Band of Bohemia or something really bad like Tokyo Speed! Anyway, our name comes from Back to the Future - it’s the time the clock is stuck at on the town hall. We’re all big fans, but it was Paul’s idea - so blame him!

Has music always been part of your lives?
Yes, we’ve always been into music - isn’t everyone? I learned to play guitar when I was fourteen and have been mucking around with mates trying to play and be cool ever since! Me an Paul started listening to the golden oldies back at school, and loved The Beatles, Kinks and The Who. We were big indie fans as well, and loved bands like The Charlatans, Oasis, Stone Roses and Blur. Steven, he likes a bit of punk: The Clash, The Buzzcocks and The Pistols. I’d never really listened to much but soon got into it and now love contemporary post punk bands like The Cribs, The Libertines, The Strokes, The Rakes and Dogs (who we’ve played with) have all influenced our sound a fair bit. I think Danny went through a techno/dance phase when he was younger - which might explain his dodgy dancing on stage!

How are you finding playing the Scottish circuit?
I think the Scottish circuit is pretty good, however we’ve only been gigging for eight months so haven’t ventured north of Stirling yet, but what an eight months its been! Edinburgh-wise we’ve sold out The Mill, Cabaret Voltaire, The Bongo Club, The Ark and The Hive. We’ve also been lucky to have played a few rammed shows through in Glasgow and a couple of ones in Stirling. We did a mini tour down south back in June,k which was amazing. We stumbled through Newcastle, Leeds and London in a joiner’s transit van, which was a great experience and great fun playing outside Scotland.

What can we expect from a 10:04s gig?
We've had a great response from people coming to our gigs and built up a big fanbase, which we’re hugely grateful for. People always seem to enjoy themselves, or be pleasantly surprised if they’ve heard us for the first time. Our songs are generally pretty fast and frantic with a lot of energy. Danny and Stevie like to bounce around the stage and get the crowd going while Paul leathers his kit. I like to take it easy and keep the tunes driving, thumping away on my Fender. Like any good band starting out, we play like we got something to prove.

What are your plans for the rest of 2009?
Gigging left, right and centre! We just want to get out and play really. We’ll be looking to get through and play Glasgow a bit more and have a few gigs lined up before Christmas. We’re also going to try and get up north to Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness and Perth etc. The 10:04s are coming, people! We’ve also got a couple of gigs coming up in London on the back of our mini England tour where we’re supporting White Rose Movement and we have a few other good supports in the pipeline with Twisted Wheel and Nine Black Alps. We’re also on the 2010 Jagermeister Tour, I think, which we’re looking forward to. And it looks as though we may record another EP with Tony Doogan (Dirty Pretty Things, Belle and Sebastian, Mogwai, Super Furry Animals, Paddingtons, Young Knives, Teenage Fan Club etc). He’s amazing, and worked on our live stuff from our gig at The Mill, with a view to releasing an album next year. Bring it!!!

What’s the nicest thing anyone’s said about your music?
We supported a fairly big London band called Dogs on a recent tour which was tremendous. Some old guy who looked a bit like Keith Richards came over to me after the gig an shook my hand and said he though we were the best band he’d seen in ages and liked us better than the Dogs. I thought that was a huge compliment. And you can’t get much more of a compliment than have a producer like Tony Doogan willing to work with you before you’re established with no huge record company fees to throw at him as an incentive. We’ve been very lucky to have had the opportunities we have had so far and hopefully that’s largely down to our music. People shelling out their hard-earned money to come see us time and again.


The 10:04s play Three Sisters, Edinburgh on 8 Sep, and Cape, Stirling on 13 Sep.


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