Exposure: frYars

Exposure: frYars

Three years in the making, Dark Young Hearts, the debut album of London artist frYars, will finally be released this September. It’s an album of dark Depeche Mode revelation and Lloyd Cole cynicism, and an interesting glimpse into the mind of this supremely talented 19-year-old, obsessed with David Byrne. For frYars is but one man (well, boy), Ben Garett, who takes his work very seriously indeed. Here’s what he had to say to The List.

What's the background behind frYars? Who's involved and when did it all start happening?
frYars is Ben Garrett. It started in when I was 16, in 2006.

Is there a concept behind the act? What is frYars setting out to achieve?
I have a strong idea of where it's going but there's no real concept or goal other than to make good music.

Debut album Dark Young Hearts is just about to be released. What was the creative process behind it?
Well I started making tracks for it three years ago. It began on Fruity Loops (audio editing software) at home, just making electronic music. Then I started to sing and write words. I went and recorded with Luke Smith (formerly of Clor) and Paul Butler of The Bees, and then went off to Italy to record the bulk of it. Stephen Hague (who produced a lot of New Order and Pet Shop Boys) mixed a few of the tracks.

Is it all you hoped it would be?
Yes. At least, upon finishing it. If you keep listening back to anything you've finished there's always something that could be changed. It's exactly what I wanted it to be.

What can we expect for the rest of 2009?
I have no idea. Some shows and perhaps a little more music before the year is out, following the album.

And beyond that? Where would you like frYars to end up?
I've been making music for a second album for a while now. There's a big complicated idea behind the record, so I'd like to get that done. I'm just thinking about where I’d like frYars to begin for now.

What's the nicest thing anyone's said about your music?
A Mexican blogger said he would remember key events in his life by it. He was in his 40s. I'm not sure I understood it, but it sounded important. When anyone says it's made their life better. Empowering comments like that. It depends on who says the nice thing.

frYars: The Ides

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