Michael Jackson's kids pen goodbye notes

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  • 30 August 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's kids pen goodbye notes

Michael Jackson's grief-stricken children have said goodbye to their father in a series of emotional letters which will buried with the 'King of Pop' on Thursday (03.09.09)

Michael Jackson's children have written emotional goodbye letters which will be placed in his coffin.

Prince Michael I, 12, Paris, 11 and seven-year-old Prince Michael II - also known as 'Blanket' - scrawled messages including "Daddy we love you" and "Daddy we miss you" on notes that will be buried with the 'King of Pop' on Thursday (03.09.09).

The singer's brother Marlon has spoken about the letters and other details of Michael's funeral, which will be held in the family's compound at Los Angeles' Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

He claims Michael will also be buried with his trademark white glove, and has been fitted with a new shoulder-length wig. The star's face has also been painted with full stage makeup.

Marlon told Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper: "This will be a private ceremony. His hairstylist has made his hair special and a make-up artist has gone in and fixed him up so he's ready for the big day.

"This will be Michael's final curtain call - the last show. His shell will be gone but his spirit lives on."

After the ceremony - which will be attended by just a handful of family members and friends including Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross - Michael's coffin will be encased in thick concrete to protect it from grave robbers.

CCTV cameras and alarms will also protect the body.

Michael died of a cardiac arrest in June. His body has been stored in a refrigerated morgue at the cemetery ever since.

The LA County coroner officially ruled his death homicide on Friday (28.08.09).

Marlon claims he and the rest of the Jackson family blame Michael's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray - who is believed to have administered the powerful anaesthetic that killed the singer - for his death.

Marlon said: "Michael died and someone is to blame - and it's the doctor who was with him. Conrad Murray was the last person to be with Michael and he knows exactly what went on and he's not saying.

"I don't think anyone tried to kill Michael on purpose but something went wrong, something happened and, yes, some of my family do think it's murder.

"He had too many 'yes' men around him. I'm talking about the doctors who were around him, the people he had working for him. It's sad to say but these doctors would do anything for the money."

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