Conrad Murray phone call mystery

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  • 26 August 2009
Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray phone call mystery

Michael Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, allegedly spent 47 minutes on the phone after the pop legend stopped breathing

Michael Jackson's personal doctor allegedly spent 47 minutes on the phone after the pop legend stopped breathing.

Dr. Conrad Murray is said to have called fellow medic Arnold Klein for advice as Jackson lay dying, then phoned a lawyer and made one other mystery call before finally telling a security guard to dial 911.

Murray - who is being investigated for manslaughter of Jackson's death, which is now being treated as homicide - had previously said he tried to revive the star but leaked court papers have claimed otherwise.

Dr. Steven Hoefflin - who treated the 'Thriller' singer for 25 years and is carrying out his own probe into his death - is quoted by Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "Murray definitely called Klein because Klein taught him how to administer Propofol.

"There were two in-state calls then one out-of-state. He was calling an attorney - he had to because Michael was dead.

"He tried to cover it up by telling everyone Michael had a weak pulse, but Michael was dead.

"Murray would have counted on Klein to be the source of Propofol and guide him in its use."

Klein is being investigated for giving potentially lethal prescription drugs to Jackson, while Murray has reportedly admitted giving the 50-year-old star four different painkillers, including strong anaesthetic Propofol, on the night he died.

However, Murray failed to tell paramedics he had administered a large amount of Propofol as they attempted to save him.

Court papers show the father-of-three had "lethal levels" of Propofol in his body when he died in June.

Murray has denied the claims and insists he never left the room to make phone calls.

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