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  • 21 May 2007

5 things you might

John Shuttleworth

1 The man behind John Shuttleworth is Graham Fellows, a writer and performer with quite a CV to his name, including a top five hit as Jilted John for ‘Gordon is a Moron’ and for two separate appearances in Coronation Street in 1979 and 1982 but with the same demonic purpose: to chat up Gail Potter/Platt/Hillman/Tilsley.

2 One of Fellows’ newer creations, Dave Tordoff, is a builder turned after-dinner speaker from Goole, a Yorkshire town which once tried to twin itself with Gibraltar.

3 The new show is entitled With My Condiments and was a direct result of Fellows wondering what would happen if his brown leather jacketed icon took the culinary theories of Jamie Oliver and adapted them for an older generation.

4 Alongside photographer Martin Parr, Shuttleworth headed to the Shetland Islands to prove his theory that people are much nicer the further north you go. This adventure was captured in a travelogue documentary entitled, obviously, It’s Nice Up North.

5 On no account should this guy be confused with the John Shuttleworth from Kansas who, alongside his wife Jane, created Mother Earth News, a bi-monthly magazine which covers all manner of environmental issues.

(Brian Donaldson)

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 27 May.

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