Bacardi B-Live party, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sat 2 Jun


(Picture: Dennis Ferrer)

It says a lot for Ultragroove that it was one of the only club nights to survive the cull when Cabaret Voltaire was bought over two years ago, the petite basement venue now ranking as possibly the best in Edinburgh. Having moved there two weeks before its old home La Belle Angele burnt down in 2002, the partnership of premises and promoters has also seen Ultragroove go from strength to strength.

‘We’ve always been about promoting new and exciting house records,’ says the night’s promoter Gareth Sommerville, ‘and I think we get it right most of the time. The mainstream scene at the moment seems to be very much about electro-house, but we’re not really into that. We think we go a bit deeper; we try to be a bit more sophisticated and inspiring.’ To that end, over the summer he’s lined up breaking artists like Speakerjunk, Jimpster and Claude Von Stoke, as well as a special surprise guest for the festival.

First of all, however, there’s this special Bacardi B-Live party with Dennis Ferrer to get through. ‘Dennis is from Newark, New Jersey,’ explains Somerville. ‘He used to make big, soulful house records in collaboration with his friend Kerri Chandler. We were the first club in Scotland to book him five years ago and he hit it off with the crowd right away, but now he’s playing a deeper, more modern tech-house sound. The main thing is, though, he’s got soul, which is always the most important thing in dance music.’

(David Pollock)

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