Nexion (3 stars)


Another dispatch from the world of Scottish underground comics, this time all under the watchful eye of Curt Sibling as he gathers a selection of depraved and funny shorts for the first issue of his Nexion anthology. It has much in common with several other Scottish titles we’ve reviewed over the last few months sharing writers and artists (such as Rob Miller and Dave Alexander) with various other publications (in fact ‘Omniscient Zorgo’ also appears in Wasted; ‘Star Trudge’ in Khaki Shorts and Sibling’s characters Coyo and Zooma appear in his own Total Fear titles).

The quality is similarly high, particularly in terms of the art (Sibling’s strong style is instantly appealing) even if it is tempered with the odd duff story and a certain level of male wish fulfilment (large breasted scantily clad women are another Sibling calling card) while Ian Laurie adds a much needed shot of darkness.

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