Hush hush

Sonny Marvello break their silence as Sandra Marron reports on the clandestine Shhh clubnights from a very secret location

Ladies and gentlefolk, there are mysterious musical goings on afoot. In a place known only as Marvello HQ, Sonny Marvello and his band are creating an outlet for Glasgow talent at a semi-secret clubnight called Shhh. We say semi-secret as we now know it exists but we have no idea where it is. You may have heard hushed mutterings in dark corners of public houses, you may have cleverly deciphered coded messages in a national newspaper, or if you happen to know someone in the elusive band, you may well have been lucky enough to have attended a ‘happening’ at their secret location some weeks back.

Not since the Franz boys’ chateau shenanigans has there been such tight-lipped secrecy surrounding a clubnight. However, having gained the trust of one of the Marvello inner circle, The List can exclusively reveal what we think is going on. Sonny Marvello runs an underground cabaret circus where he, along with his fellow band members, host these conspiratorial musical happenings. Rufus K Stone is Mr Marvello’s drummer, and after some verbal ‘roughing-up’ he finally confessed to how he came to be involved in the great Marvello mystery. ‘All of us responded to an advert,’ he says. ‘It was all very secretive and cagey; to come along and do a one-off gig with this chap Sonny Marvello.’

Along with four others, Stone turned up at a pre-arranged meeting place, was blindfolded and then transported to meet Sonny. Stone continues, ‘We turned up, rehearsed some songs, we did very well and then Sonny asked us to come back at a later date.’ When the time came to return they were blindfolded again, taken to the secret HQ and told to get ready to play. After their blindfolds were removed, they found themselves on a stage in front of an audience. They played their songs with Sonny accompanying them on lead vocals and then things got really strange. According to Stone, ‘When we finished playing the gig, Sonny appeared from the audience which was quite interesting. The Sonny that had been singing on stage disappeared. We are still not quite sure who he was to this day. Then we were asked if we would like to join the Sonny Marvello band and we all agreed and the rest is myth and legend.’

Now that all the band members know what is going on, their blindfolds are a thing of the past. However, if you would like to attend one of the Shhh clubnights, a blindfold is mandatory until you reach the secret location. Stone explains the drill for the next secret party: ‘We will have buses ferrying people back and forward from the city centre. People will be asked to meet at an undisclosed place. The meeting point will be easy to find - there’s generally a monkey or a girl hovering about. Buses will take people blindfolded up to our headquarters for a night of music, revelry and debauchery, and then people will be bought back into Glasgow with their blindfolds back on.’ I start to ask Stone another question but the phone goes dead. A few hours later I get an unexpected phone call from Stone. He utters the words, ‘ ‘’

Shhh, Marvello HQ, Glasgow, Sat 2 Jun.

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