Mister i (4 stars)

Lewis Trondheim

Mister i (NBM)


Legendary French cartoonist Lewis Trondheim has been in self-imposed retirement for some years now claiming he didn’t want to make a job of his passion. He does however sporadically indulge us with one off, large format hardback books like this.

It is slight (a mere 32 pages), the humour is black and the art is as base as it comes, starring a little man shaped like a sausage with stick arms who goes through a series of adventures in 60 tiny panels on one page, mostly concerned with him trying to get food with the added twist that he always ends up dead. But it’s not as bleak as it sounds. The art is primitive, the text non-existent, but the overall effect is still incredibly expressive. Trondheim says so much with so little: happy, sad, hungry or confused are expressed via the bend of a single black line.

(Mark Robertson)

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