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  • 21 May 2007

5 History Paperbacks

Terry Jones Barbarians You might have seen this on telly last year as the former Python charts the progress of the rough lot who had a tough battle or two with the Romans. BBC/Ebury.

James D Tabor The Jesus Dynasty A controversial interpretation of the life and history of the man they call Mr Christ. Element.

James Reston Dogs of God The epochal events of 1492 are recalled with the horrors of the Inquisition, the defeat of the Moors and the rise of the lad Columbus. Faber.

Roger Moorhouse Killing Hitler Here comes a study of the assassination attempts made upon the Nazi leader’s life and brings a fresh perspective on the history of the Third Reich. Pimlico.

James T Patterson Restless Giant Obviously, if your name is James, chances are you might write a history book. This one covers modern US history from the scandals of Watergate and the 2000 election. OUP.

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