Peter Andre furious with 'dad' Alex

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  • 21 August 2009
Peter Andre

Peter Andre furious with 'dad' Alex

Peter Andre has blasted estranged wife Katie Price over her ''totally inappropriate'' behavior with her new man Alex Reid, which includes posing for pictures with their children

Peter Andre has warned Katie Price to keep her new boyfriend away from his children.

The 'Behind Closed Doors' singer is fuming at the way his estranged wife has quickly moved cage fighter Alex Reid into a father-like role with the children they raise - Harvey, seven, Junior, four, and two-year-old Princess Tiaamii - branding her behaviour "totally inappropriate".

Peter's anger is said to have spilled over during a phone call he had with Katie, 31, during which she put Alex, 34, on the phone to speak with Junior.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Peter was outraged. He was screaming at Katie, saying, 'He's not the father of my children.'

"Katie couldn't believe it. One minute she was chatting to Junior and the next, Peter was on the line incandescent with rage.

"He started accusing her of completely inappropriate behaviour by frolicking with Alex in public in front of the kids.

"He hated pictures of Junior playing with Alex, saying repeatedly that it 'wasn't right'."

The glamour model was shocked at 36-year-old Peter's outburst, and was "stunned" at how he spoke to her.

The source added: "She clearly didn't appreciate how he was feeling.

"She's desperately trying to move on with her life and it really set her back emotionally.

"Peter has always taken his responsibilities as a father very seriously, so she can see where the anger has come from."

Katie is presently looking after the three children while Peter holidays in Cyprus.

His spokesperson insisted he remained calm during the call, which he had hoped would remain private.

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