Twisted and Brainfire: Ten Years

Twisted and Brainfire: Ten Years

Despite not being the most critically-acclaimed genre, hardcore has a long history of popularity in Scotland, and a still-strong fanbase. Possibly the style’s biggest monthly parties in the country are run by Glasgow-based promoters Alan Robertson and Al Innes, who DJ under the names Rob Da Rhythm and Al Twisted. Of all the nights they push, Twisted & Brainfire – named after their own individual nights, which started at Edinburgh’s Venue and Glasgow’s Big Joint respectively, and merged at Archaos soon after Innes moved to Glasgow – have the longest history, dating back to the first one-off charity Twisted a decade ago.

‘The nights are always packed out or near to capacity,’ says Robertson. ‘Like the last one we did at the Soundhaus with Angerfist [modern Dutch hardcore prodigy], we had to close the doors at half twelve because it was so busy. Twisted & Brainfire is our straight hardcore night so it’s a younger crowd, the same bunch you’d find at Fantazia. Whereas our Infexious nights, where we play more hardstyle and tech-trance, it’s an older crowd of the sort you’d maybe find at Inside Out at the Arches. Then our Dark Side nights are a mixture of young and old’.

There’s no doubt that Robertson and Innes’ clubs are good value for fans of the genres, with a bunch of regular guests from Scotland and European hotbeds of hardcore like Holland appearing at each. ‘For our tenth birthday we’ve got Noize Suppressor from Italy,’ says Robertson, ‘who I’ve been wanting to book for a few years now – I’d say he’s probably the most in-demand hardcore DJ in the world, and this is the first time he’s played the UK. Then we’ve got Neophyte from Holland and a Scottish legend in Scott Brown’. So, as they say, if you only go to one hardstyle tech-trance night this year …

The Ferry, Glasgow, Fri 28 Aug.

Twisted & Brainfire: Ten Years

The hardcore dance specialists celebrate their first decade with an all out assault of fast and furious beats, gabba, old school, techno and drum & bass. With Noize Suppressor, Neophyte, Scott Brown and Sharkey.

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