Labels of love: Bubblegum Records

Bubblegum Records

Based in: Partick, Glasgow.

Roster: Hyperbubble, Lean Tales, Silly Boy Blue, Tesco Chainstore Mascara, Starshy, Electric Needle Room, Syye, Mammoth Life, Your Elders and DP Le Odd.

Boss: Gary O’Connor.

Sounds like: ‘I think you’d describe us as indie-pop,’ says O’Connor, ‘and I’d say we’re at the fey end of that genre. But there’s a bit of punk in there too, which is why we have a band like Pink Kross playing our launch night. It gives people an understanding of where indie-pop came from in the first place.’

How did the label start? ‘Starshy’s my own project,’ says O’Connor, ‘and I was approached by a guy in America to put out a track on a compilation at first, and then my own album. He was producing CD-Rs, though, and they weren’t being presented as I’d like them to be. The more I thought about it and the more I spoke to people who wanted to get involved, I realised I could just do it myself. The other bands on the label came from gigging around Glasgow, going on MySpace and being introduced to them by people. I also spend a lot of time in Madrid, and I found some bands out there who are quite heavily influenced by the whole C86 scene.’

What does the future hold? First this label launch night, featuring Lean Tales and future compilation contributors Pink Kross, The Just Joans and Felt Tips. ‘If a band’s trying to be the next big thing,’ says O’Connor frankly, ‘we’re not the label for them. This isn’t a business for me, it’s a chance to get the music I like out there at a pace that I like moving at (he funds every release himself). That means it’s got to be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.’

Bubblegum Records’ Launch Night is at Stereo, Glasgow, Thu 3 Sep.

Bubblegum Records Launch Night

Label launch with live bands Pink Kross, Lean Tales, Just Joans and The Felt Tips, with indie-pop DJs for afters.

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