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Singles and downloads


Sugababes are sexy and, bless ‘em, they want us to be sexy too, so they’re imploring us to ‘Get Sexy’ (Island) ●●. Strange, then, with all that sexy-talk in the air, the single should be an insipid rehashing of that deeply unsexy Right Said Fred song ‘I’m Too Sexy’, with only the occasional explosion of electroclash juddering to liven it up.

More interesting is ‘Kiss of Life’ (XL) ●●● from Friendly Fires, a weird pop-indie-rave-world-music hybrid, which should be a right dog’s dinner, but is imbued with enough youthful exuberance and clattering percussion to keep it trundling along.

Which is more than can be said of ‘Cheat on Me’ (Wichita) ●● by hipster haircut scenester pricks The Cribs. Apparently now with Johnny Marr on guitar, it’s a dreary, aimless piece of formulaic jangle pish, that all the ‘seminal’ guitar lines in the world cannae save.

And so to a couple of weird local bands; firstly nuts ‘Burgher’s Randan Discotheque. ‘Daily Record May 18th 1993’ (The Bonjour Branch) ●●● is exactly what it says, a bunch of dated tabloid stories delivered in a lo-fi, hip-hop, electro-pop mash-up with more wit and charisma than a million Cribs.

Our other Scottish loons are Cuddly Shark, who win Single of the Week with their stupendously and effortlessly cool ‘The Sheriff of Aspen Bay’ (Armellodie) ●●●●. Chock full of choice swearing, manic shrieking, offbeat chug-a-lug riffing, time changes, Led Zep baiting and much more, the Elgin-born and Glasgow-based trio are clearly a band with issues, and all the better for that. (5 stars)

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