Money Can't Buy Music - The Universe For Beginners (3 stars)

Money Can't Buy Music - The Universe For Beginners

(Pony Proof)

Annoyingly precious band name aside, this is a sweet and poignant little side project from Gordon McIntyre of Ballboy, this time collaborating with Swedish singer and multi-instrumentalist Maja Mangard. There’s no great departure from the Ballboy blueprint, but there is a more downbeat, melancholic feel, McIntyre concentrating on atmospherics and spoken word over big band bluster. Clicky beats, sweeping synths and strummy guitars dominate throughout, and when the duo hit their stride, as in the beautifully thoughtful ‘The Ghosts’ or the wonderfully atmospheric piano-led semi-instrumental closer ‘Secret Plans and Clever Dicks’, it makes for sumptuous, sensual and emotional listening.

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