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  • 8 May 2007


The best exhibitions

Roderick Buchanan: Histrionics As part of the Blind Faith: Contemporary Art and Human Rights series of events at GoMA, Roderick Buchanan takes a personal view of the sectarian past and present in Glasgow, representing both sides of the abominable equation equally, and showing that we are all the same in our differences. See review. Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, until Sun 28 Oct.

Alex Pollard: Black Marks The Glasgow-based 2005 Venice Biennale contributor continues his examination of artistry and artifice, this time focusing on the Pierrot clown figure and the way that teenagers and twentysomethings used make-up to reveal and conceal aspects of their subjectivity during the new Romantic trend in the 1980s. See review. Talbot Rice Gallery, the University of Edinburgh, until Sat 2 Jun.

Peter Liversidge: For They Know Not What They Do Liversidge returns to the gallery after last year’s ‘Festival Proposal’, where members of staff were asked to dress up as furry cartoon characters and plant carrots. His new work continues his fascination with the mediated ‘great outdoors’, and includes paintings and an installation relating to his enduring fascination with the North Montana Plains. See preview. Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, until Sat 23 Jun.

Sara Barker A new exhibition of wall-based sculptural work by the Glasgow-based artist. Materials are continually broken down and re-worked by the artist, revealing and concealing the actions of the maker and the ‘truth’ of the materials. This work continues her interest in character and disguise, self deception and weakness. Mary Mary, Glasgow, until Sat 16 Jun.

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