Christopher Brookmyre - Pandaemonium (3 stars)

Christopher Brookmyre - Pandaemonium

It had to happen sometime. Over the course of 12 books, Christopher Brookmyre has maintained his ability to engage, amuse, appal (in a good way) and keep us guessing to the last line. But, unless great swathes of expositional prose about the laws of physics float your boat, then Pandaemonium heralds the first Brookmyre disappointment. Or at least half of it does. When he sheds the science geek coat, and enters the world of a group of teenagers dealing with the death of two classmates, he’s cooking with propane gas.

Perfectly capturing the internal politics of high school, the rampaging hormones and musical obsessions, Brookmyre has clearly forgotten none of the nuances of adolescent life. Also on the upside, he gives religion another good kicking, sorry, rational analysis. The rest, although based on strong conjecture, comes across as shoot ‘em up science fiction, which has a far more niche market than Brookmyre’s other highly accessible work.

(Little, Brown)

Chris Brookmyre

Brookmyre discusses his newest book Places in the Darkness, a crime novel set in space. Christopher Brookmyre is the author of novels starring investigate journalist Jack Parlabane, counterterrorism officer Angelique de Xavia and crime duo Jasmine Sharp and Catherine McLeod, a private detective and a police investigator.


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