Books - 5 crime paperbacks

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  • 18 August 2009
Books - 5 crime paperbacks

Susan Arnout Smith - Out at Night
The follow-up to the author’s The Timer Game debut, this presents a complex tale of farming wars with the genetic versus organic crops brigades going to battle. Perennial.

Dan Waddell - Blood Atonement
A second novel from the genealogist behind the Beeb’s Who Do You Think You Are?, a sinister tale of the investigation into the gruesome slaying of a single mother. Penguin.

Charlie Newton - Calumet City
An abandoned child is born from the abuse going on in a kids’ home and everyone involved has to relive some horrific experiences during its investigation. Bantam.

NJ Cooper - No Escape
The relaunch of Natasha Cooper features a new departure with this dark, psycho-thriller set in the Isle of Wight. Pocket.

Elly Griffiths - The Crossing Places
A new series set in the Norfolk Marshes featuring a down-to-earth forensic archaeologist with a 2000-year-old mystery clouding the present. Quercus.

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